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Multifamily properties

Multifamily properties are easy to finance, and more easily able to weather bear markets. Compared to commercial or retail properties, this asset type is also easy to understand and leaves out the complications of long-term commercial leases. For these reasons, they’re considered to be a good investment, and with the right considerations in mind, you can easily make a high return on your asset.

things to know when looking for a multifamily property

There are many things to consider when you’re ready to invest in a commercial property. These points will help you find the perfect place.

Market Trends in the area
  • What is the average monthly rent per tenant?
  • What is the highest monthly rent paid by a tenant?
  • What is the current physical vacancy rate?

Is the property next to highways? Areas in proximity to highways tend to get more traffic.​

Parking Availability
  • What is the parking ratio?
  • Do the tenants need parking?
  • Is the underground parking or the surface parking in good standings?
gentrification forces

Are there any gentrification forces at work nearby?

  • Are the roads being repaved?
  • Is residential rent trending up?
  • Are restaurants, bars, and high-end retailers coming into the area?

We have a curated list of listings for each type of commercial real estate, take a look now!

Multifamily Complex Checklist

If you’re interested in buying an apartment complex, follow this two-step process to help identify and screen the property before you commit. This will have a higher chance of ensuring your new property is profitable.

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